Cultivating qi & the flow of change

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Day 1

Introduction to the triptych: Heaven – Earth – Individual.


How the notions of microcosm and macrocosm are connected.

How the heavenly cycles connect with and affect the cycles in our lives.

Why these need to be in harmony.

Day 2 & 3

The paths and habits that lead us to this harmonization. At what levels?

Introduction to the triptych: Thoughts – Emotions – Body (Actions)

Why these need to be in harmony and alignment.

Introduction to the methodology we use to harmonize / align the energies in our lives.

How we work with thought.

How emotions are subsequently harmonized / aligned.

How thought and emotions affect the body.

How this inner process connects us to good fortune and serendipity.

When thoughts are correct emotions follow. When action and thoughts are correct we attract good fortune.

Day 4

Interaction takes place on all levels thus it is important that our attention is focused on all.

Introduction to the triptych: Proper nourishment – exercise – sleep. The importance of the Proper lifestyle.

Introduction to Er mei stretching.

Physical meditation, a catalyst to self awareness. The way to rid ourselves of outdated models and patterns that create blockages in the body.

Day 5

Introduction to the laws of change.

How qi moves. How things change.

Adaptation or not.

Εr mei stretching. Space – observation – pause.

Day 6

Introduction to the Yi Jing, Book of Changes.

Becoming familiar with the primary numbers.

Bigrams – Trigrams – Hexagrams.

Exercise – meditation.

Day 7

Observation: what does it mean? How important it is to know at every moment where we are at, on all levels.

Everything is connected.

Exercise – meditation.

Day 8

The cause of disease. Illness is always a result of excess or shortage.

Health is walking on the path leading to my destiny.

Thus the basic premise is acknowledgment and acceptance.

Exercise – mediation.

Day 9

Exercise . Synthesis.


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