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Travel into the world of conscious creation using the wings of the Ancient Greek Spiritual Knowledge of Morphogenesis System.


Date: 08-15 July 2018


In this soul journey, we take the wings of the Ancient Greek Spiritual Knowledge of Morphogenesis System, and we travel into the world of conscious creation. In an intense, but also exciting, 3 days workshop, we will come to know the art of conscious creation through the eyes, the higher guidance and the communication of our Higher Selves. In this way, our conscious and deliberate creation is free from the ordinary limitations and constrictions imposed by our lower daily personality.


Day 1Arrival in Athens. Pick up and check in at Athens Gate Hotel (or similar in the centre of Athens).

Dinner at the Roof Garden Restaurant, which  is located on the top floor of the hotel and is offering a magnificent view to the Acropolis hill and Athens city centre. It is a good opportunity to meet the rest of the team and familiarize yourself better with the philosophy of the trip.


Day 2Morning: Tour in Athens. Acropolis, Acropolis museum, lunch in the area of the Ancient Agora and Plaka.

The Agora was the center of political and public life in Ancient Athens. It was a large open area surrounded by buildings of various functions. The Agora was utilized for commerce, political, religious and military activities.


Afternoon: Visit Sounio. You will have the chance to experience the best sunset in Attica. Dinner at a seaside Greek restaurant.


Day 3: Departure for  Palaios Aghios Panteleimonas


Before reaching our destination, we will have the opportunity to visit Meteora.


Meteora is an exceptional spiritual wonder of nature! There are over 800 monoliths of different shapes and up to 400 m height in an area of 25 square km.

The word Meteora comes from “Meteorite” which means, “Suspended in the air” or “in the heavens above” and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the 10th century AD the first Byzantine monks came for solitude and prayer. Over time they created a flourishing community of over 30 monasteries built with great human effort and superb craftsmanship, like eagle nests on top of these rocks.


Palaios Aghios Panteleimonas is a village in the prefecture of Pieria. It is built at an altitude of 440 meters on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus. Palaios Panteleimonas is labeled as traditional as it is one of the best traditional Macedonian architecture in northern Greece.


Check in at the hotel OlympusThea

Rest Time

Later on, guiding tour to the village.



Day 4

Morning: guided tour to Dion

It is best known for its archaeological site and the Archaeological Museum of DionZeus was honored at the ancient city of Dion located at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Afternoon: Workshop’ s opening day, welcome and introduction to the concept of Higher Self and its greatest importance in our existence

Fullmoon dinner.



Day 5: 

Morning: guided tour to Vergina

The town became internationally famous in 1977, when the Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos unearthed the burial site of the kings of Macedon, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

Afternoon: Seminar

  • The goal setting process when it is implemented by our Higher Self and not by the ego of our lower personality

  • The practice of experiencing and accepting our true desires in a state of absolute inner freedom and joy, under the presence and guidance of our Higher Self



Day 6: 

Morning: guided tour to the Platamon castle

The Platamon Castle is a castle of the middle Byzantine period (10th century AD) and is located southeast of Mount Olympus. Also its’ position is strategic, at the exit of the Tempi valey and it controls the route from Macedonia to Thessaly and to Southern Greece.

Afternoon: Seminar

  • The charismatic, magnetic personality. The magic and profound contentment of being the perfect version and choice of personality, according to the higher, and divine plan, which your Higher Self has always intended for you to embody and carry out in this life time

  • The way to become and fulfill this charismatic personality in your everyday life. How to radiate your true charisma.




Day 7: 

Morning: Seminar

  • The art of «receiving». How to allow yourself to receive the already energetically manifested goal of yours. How to let it enter smoothly and harmonically into your material life and become functional part of it.

  • The energetic paradox of “the least action that brings the greatest results”

  • The practice of energetic meaning changing and vibrational repolarizing of money’s symbol

Afternoon: Departure for Athens


Before coming back to Athens, we will visit the archaeological site of Delphi.


Delphi is the site where the two golden eagles met, sent by Zeus from opposite locations to discover the center of the universe, the navel of the earth. In the Mt. Parnassos, amidst the majestic landscape of Delphi, the most magnificent and most renowned temple was founded in 7th century BC, the temple of Apollo, god of light, which became the spiritual center of the ancient world. In this glorious temple, the seven sages of ancient Hellenic wisdom inscribed the axioms, the commandments of moral and ethical living in order to achieve virtue. These were rather strong recommendations in the form of sutras, aphorisms, and formulated a paradigm for future generations, showing them how to live a life of wisdom, ethos and virtue. A legacy that holds true in todays world as it is depicted in the three primary commandments inscribed on the pediment of the temple of Apollo: “BE”, “KNOW THYSELF”, “NOTHING IN EXCESS”.



Check in at Athens Gate Hotel (in the centre of Athens).




Dimitrios G. Bousboukis - Founder of the Morphogenesis System.


Total cost per person: 
1450,00 €
Trip Date: 
Sunday, July 8, 2018 to Sunday, July 15, 2018
Advance Payment: 
450,00 €

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