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Seminar: Cultivating qi & the flow of change 

September 17, 2018 -  September 27, 2018


Discover the most idyllic place in Europe, the mystery-guarding island of Patmos. An authentic revelation tour designed to offer you a unique spiritual experience of yourself and your Eternal Destiny.


Day 1 Friday


  • Depart for Athens, Greece 【Dinner】

  • Leave your home airport, have a great flight and "Kalosorisate" or "Welcome" to Greece!

  • Revelation Tours Representative will meet you at the arrival gate and guide you on how to transfer to the hotel by taxi, bus or subway. Airport transfer guide is available for flights arriving between 08.00 to 20.00. 

  • Check-in at Hera boutique hotel. (or similar)

  • If you arrive early, take the remainder of the day to rest up. Or, if you’re up for it, do some shopping at Athens historical Plaka or fashionable Kolonaki areas.

  • Delectable dinner at the enchanting ‘’Peacock’’ Roof Garden Restaurant, where we can enjoy our dinner and drink year- round regardless weather conditions, overlooking the amazing Acropolis & Acropolis museum. We can try the homemade dishes and desserts, all prepared with natural and pure products used for preparing the local cuisine dishes and the international cuisine as well.





Day 2 Saturday


Acropolis  Acropolis Museum  Thissio  Ancient Agora

Lycabettus Hill  Herodion Theater【3 meals】



  • Breakfast at the Hotel

  • Morning: Sightseeing Tour in Athens. Acropolis, Acropolis museum and lunch in the area of the Ancient Agora.

  • The Agora was the center of political and public life in Ancient Athens. It was a large open area surrounded by buildings of various functions. The area was utilized for commerce, political, religious and military activity.

  • Night: Sunset is the best time to visit Lycabettus Hill which stands high above Athens, commanding a spectacular view across the Attica basin and the Aegean Sea. We shall enjoy the ride up the steeply inclined teleferique (funicular) to the summit, crowned by whitewashed Aghios Georgios chapel with a bell tower donated by Queen Olga. Then we savor a unique dinner experience at a superb restaurant with a breathtaking panorama.

  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus, widely also known as Herodion, is situated right under Acropolis. As part of the Athens Festival every summer there are several performances at this 2.000 years old theater. The feeling of a night concert at Herodion, under the ancient rock, overlooking the illuminated Parthenon, is truly unique. If Herodion Theatre hosts a performance that night, we shall not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Day 3 Sunday


Monastiraki  Sounio  Seaside Dinner【3 meals】

  • Breakfast at the Hotel

  • Morning: Guided tour at Athens Monastiraki Flea Market area and traditional souvlaki lunch.

  • Afternoon: Visit to legendary Cape Sounion, the site offering the most popular half day excursion from Athens, not only for its great archaeological interest but for the scenic drive along the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf as well.

  • This is the spot where Aegeas, King of Athens, believing that his only son Prince Theseas was dead leapt to his death off the cliff, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea.

  • The wind-swept Cape Sounio was an obvious choice for a Sanctuary of Poseidon, where the sailors might offer a last sacrifice to appease the mighty God of the Sea before leaving the comparative safety of the Saronic Gulf for the perils of the open Sea.

  • We will have the chance to experience the best sunset in Attica and relish dinner at a seaside fish tavern.

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line


Rickshaw through Kamakura



Day 4 Monday


Athens Airport Leros Airport Leros Port  Patmos Port Villa Sophia Night Sky Galaxy Meditation【3 meals】

  • Early Breakfast at the Hotel

  • Morning: Shuttle transfer to Athens Airport. Fly for around 40 minutes over the Aegean Sea and land on charming Leros island. Transfer to the port, where we shall enjoy a light snack and catch the ferry to Patmos island.

  • 14.00 Patmos Port: Disembark at the picturesque and historical Skala port of the island and along a five minute scenic route to Villa Sophia by private rented car. Welcome reception at the Villa with light snacks and local delicacies

  • 14.00 Rest and Relax: Take a short nap or cool off with refreshments and cocktails around the swimming pool, marveling at the spectacular sight of the endless blue of the Aegean sea.

  • 19.00 Fishing village dinner and stroll: Have a quiet dinner and a refreshing stroll at the nearby fishing village of Grikos and adjacent Petra beach. Try the local specialties and many other delicacies at the famous Petra restaurant near the Patmos greenhouse and savor wine from the local vineyard. Afterwards, enjoy a night cup at the adjacent five star Patmos Aktis Hotel bar.

  • 22.00 Return and Lounge at Villa: Lounge at villa swimming pool under starry night sky with fascinating galaxy or moon view. Enjoy a last meditation session or a refreshing drink in the romantic, candlelit verandas of Patmos Villa Sophia gazing at the wondrous night sky. There, thousands of sparkling stars and our majestic Milky Way Galaxy can be seen absolutely clearly – echoing the ancient Greek myth that they were created by milk coming from the breasts of Mother of Gods Hera – because Patmos has lucid skies, few lights and is located in the middle of the Archipelago.



Day 5 Tuesday


  • St. John’s Holy Monastery Geranou Beach Spiritual Seminar on Eternal Nature Skala Port by night【3 meals】


  • 09.00 Breakfast at the Villa: Enjoy a delicious and wholesome breakfast comprised of local, pure products outside in the southeastern balcony of Villa Sophia.

  • 10.00 St. John’s Monastery visit: After our first day of cherishing the exquisite natural beauties of Patmos, it is probably time to dive deeper to discover and explore its perennial history and priceless spiritual treasures.

  • Perhaps the best way to embark on such an amazing journey which will allow our intellect and soul to tune into the echo of the eons, is a morning visit to the St John Theologian Monastery, which crowns the largest central hill of the Hora settlement, looks like a Byzantine castle, was built like a fortress, remains intact from the Middle Ages up till today and still overwhelms the whole island with its presence.

  • This unique monument was constructed in 1088 A.D. by a gifted and educated monk called Christodoulos who requested and was granted possession of all the island by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comninos to establish a Monastery, in honor of Saint John the Evangelist, and to transform the Cave of the Apocalypse into a sacred place.

  • Its foundation marked the genesis of a cultural, spiritual and religious center, which is a reference point for the whole Christian world. This is only one of the reasons that both the Monastery and its Hora settlement have been declared by Unesco as World Heritage Sites and remain crucial centers of pilgrimage for Christianity, with an immense global appeal.

  • 13.00 Swim at Livadi Geranou Beach: After such a profound plunge into the ageless history and monumental traditions of Patmos, there is nothing healthier than a refreshing swim, so it is a great idea to choose one of the most faraway beaches of the island, such as the Livadi Geranou on the north. It offers one of the best swimming experiences on the island with its excellent water and the magnificent view of the Monastery. There, we can also enjoy a delicious lunch at the beach’s local seaside tavern.

  • 16.00 Return to Villa - Rest and Relax.

  • 19.00 Spiritual Seminar: Our Eternal nature and Our Natural Self. Meditative - spiritual exercises, decoding of signals and synchronicities, revelation and cultivation of a personal way of understanding awell as different ways of understanding spiritual alertness and, ultimately, the transition from the unconscious state of reaction to the awakening of our consciousness, leaving behind the habit of mechanistic approach.

  • 21.00 Skala port by Night: After the rejuvenating, deeply cleansing and revealing experience of the Spiritual Seminar, it is a great idea to enjoy Patmos’ main port by night. There, we can explore the numerous arty souvenir boutiques, inland from the excursion boat dock, with antiques and unique creations sometimes created from old widgets by veterans of the Athens Flea Market (Monastiraki). At some shops we can find reasonably priced porcelain, crystal and silver items and the Patmian embroidery is famous for its elegance.

  • We can also choose from a wide variety of fresh ice cream and local pastries at Koumanis’ pastry shop. The best way to conlude such a wonderful and full day and night is a nostalgic long promenade along the port’s yacht marina with the elegant sailing boats and impressive mega yachts and even a late visit at the port’s elegant night clubs.


Ginza District


Day 6 Wednesday


  • Skala Port Arki and Marathi islets Prayer at Remote Seaside Chapel Hora Medieval Town Dinner【3 meals】

  • 09.00 Breakfast at the Villa and transfer to Port: After a hearty breakfast at Villa Sophia, we drive for five minutes to the main Skala port of Patmos.

  • 10.00 Day sea trip to nearby Arki Marathi islets: At the port, there is an anchored local boat that will take us on an amazing daily excursion to nearby Arki and Marathi islands, in a close distance off Patmos, only 8 n.m. to the east or about half an hour sailing. There, we shall swim on magnificent, unspoiled beaches with sapphire color waters and indulge in delicious, traditional delicacies at a picturesque seaside tavern. The islands’ landscape is ideal for trekking and along our way, we will visit many secluded chapels, such as Virgin Mary Most-Holy Queen of All and the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ that Patmos monks built for ascetic and meditating purposes. The combination of pure nature, simple rural life and sanctity is ideal for spiritual resurgence and inspiration.

  • 16.00 Return to Villa for Rest and Relaxation

  • 21.00 Visit Traditional Medieval Town of Hora and relish dinner at local, colorful small plaza: Tonight, we shall visit the amazing Unesco World Heritage site of Hora. We will witness the fantastic nocturnal panoramic view of all the island and revel in an incredible traditional dinner at the most charming small plaza, known as «la piazetta», in the center of the settlement. Afterwards, we can have ice cream or drinks at nearby bars, such as the popular Astivi, which is situated within a 1671 AD mansion.

Miho Museum


Day 7 Thursday


  • Holy Grotto of Apocalypse  Meditation and Seminar on Apostle of Love  Swim at Wild Meadow Beach  Spiritual Event on Eternal Destiny【3 meals】

  • 09.00 Breakfast at the Villa and transfer to Holy Grotto of Apocalypse: After our tasty, nutritious breakfast, we commence our journey to the Holy Grotto of Apocalypse. Here, in 95 A.D. the beloved disciple of Jesus, St. John, had his tremendous vision about the destination of Mankind, recorded as the ultimate, eschatological, prophetic book of the Bible. Today, in exactly the same place, we shall have the most essential and consecrated spiritual experience of our Revelation Tour.

  • 10.00 Meditation inside the Mystery Guarding Cave: The cave of the Apocalypse, a UNESCO world heritage site is an extraordinary example of a traditional pilgrimage center of outstanding architectural interest.

  • Upon entering the cavern, you are impressed by its natural positioning and instinctively tend to ponder why the Lord picked this particular place in the world to reveal His Apocalypse.

  • The rock formation is volcanic and rare, taking hundreds of years to cool off and it still shines at some points from the water that was trapped in it without vaporizing.

  • In the center, between the cave and the chapel, the low rock ceiling reaches out in a clear threefold split, the sign of the Holy Trinity and also the shape that the orthodox pilgrims form with their three fingers, when making the sign of the cross, starting from their foreheads.

  • Looking closely at the three – part rock you will notice that it is very odd that a rock should split in three like that. There seems to be no easy explanation of the shape of the rock, reinforcing the faith that this place is special and it was indeed here that God communicated with Saint John giving him the vision of the Apocalypse.

  • There is usually a monk or some spiritual leader who will guide you through the cave awaiting you at the entrance, although, to experience its energy, the most recommended method is to sit inside, quietly meditate, and feel the holiness and divine energy of this wondrous place, believed to one of the great mysteries of the world.

  • Outside the Cave’s main door an inscription quotes, very appropriately the famous biblical phrase of Jacob when he beheld a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God ascending and descending on it: “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” Genesis 28:10

  • 11.00 Spiritual Seminar for the Apostle of Love: In the graceful garden of the Holy Grotto, we shall be motivated by an amazing lecture on the exalted life of the Apostle of Love St. John, his insightful theological Gospel and the monumental significance of his tremendous Vision of Apocalypse.

  • 14.00 Swim at exquisite Wild Meadow beach: After such a profound plunge into the Eternal Depths of our Psyche, a cleansing and regenerating baptism in the crystal clear waters of the splendid sandy Wild Meadow beach is an absolute thrill. Sun loungers and water sports on the right side of the beach and big Tamarisk trees with lush vegetation on the left offer a dreamlike scenery. Just opposite, we can see the island of Saint Thekla, which got its name from the homonymous chapel and can be reached by canoe. To complete the magic, we will rejoice in a delicious meal with fresh fish and a variety of traditional Greek dishes at a graphic beach restaurant.

  • 17.00 Return to Villa for Rest, Relaxation and Recollection.

  • 19.00 Spiritual Seminar on our Eternal Destiny: In the afternoon, we shall gather in Villa Sophia’s swimming pool area, where the sea and sky views shift eternally, creating, in the process, an incredible palette of colors, lights, sights, sounds, smells and vibes. Where dolphins can be often seen playing with the waves and seagulls defiantly rest on the swimming pool’s edge, bewitched by the astonishing spectacle themselves. In this incredible environment, created electively by a Divine Power, we shall delight in a blessed and awakening Elevated Consciousness seminar on the Revelation of the Ultimate Being, our Higher Self, Existential Purpose, Future Potential and Eternal Destiny.



Day 8 Friday


  • Island Tour Icon painting and Spiritual Guidance in Annunciation Nunnery Climb on Prophet Elias’ Hill Chapel Swim and seaside lunch on famous Pebble Beach Hora sunset and alleys Dinner at elegant restaurant 【3 meals】

  • 09.00 Breakfast at the Villa and initiation of Island Tour:

  • 10.00 Annunciation Nunnery Visit: On the south and western side of Patmos, behind Hora Town, lies the magnificent Annunciation Nunnery, famous for its icon painting and worship dedication.

  • 11.00 Prophet Elias Hill Ascent: Climb up the Hill of Prophet Elijah’s Chapel, which is the highest point of the island at about 269 meters and admire the awe inspiring bird’s eye” view.

  • 12.00 Swim and seaside lunch at famous pebble beach. Journey across Patmos, admiring the postcard-like scenery and simple but enchanting island life, until we arrive at Lambi Beach, the farthest north tip of the island. Swim in its lucid, revitalizing waters, admire its famous pebbles and enjoy the mouth-watering fresh fish and flaming fried cheese specialty of the popular seaside tavern.

  • 16.00 Return to Villa for Rest and Relaxation

  • 19.00 Alley Exploration and Sunset Admiration in Hora: A romantic evening promenade around the labyrinth alleys of Hora, the most notable medieval architectural marvel in Greece, can prove true magic. Its amazing highlights can be seen in the beautiful settlement, presenting a plethora of whitewashed mansions and Aegean style houses that embrace the fortified monastery.

  • During our stroll, we can witness the breathtaking sunset, have a short rest and drink at Loza restaurant relishing the stunning panoramic view up or shop in the numerous elegant boutiques, art galleries and gift shops.

  • After nightfall, the splendidly lit Castle Monastery of Saint John the Theologian brings immediately to mind the exalted perception of Heavenly Jerusalem that the prophet beheld in his apocalyptic vision.

  • 21.00 Dinner at Benetos restaurant: To complete such a great day, we will dine at Benetos Restaurant which is located only a mile from Patmos Villa Sophia and is considered one of the best places to eat on the island. After such a luscious dinner and a stroll under the mesmerizing sky, it’s time for an enchanting night’s sleep at Villa Sophia, full of marvelous dreams of our perfect days on Patmos.



Day 9 Saturday


  • Cruise, swim and lunch at Fine Sand beach  Revelation Tour Conclusion Party【3 meals】

  • 09.00 Breakfast at the Villa and transfer to Port: After feasting on a rich breakfast at Villa Sophia, we drive for five minutes to the main Skala port of Patmos.

  • 10.00 Day sea trip to Fine Sand beach: At the port, a boat will take us to one of the most remote but sensational beaches of the island, «Psili Ammos» (Fine Sand, in Greek). Located on the south-west corner of Patmos and about 10 kilometers south of Hora, it is not the most accessible beach but well worth the effort.

  • A picturesque cove with pure golden sand, sweeping dunes and lined with many tamarisk trees. Unofficially divided in half, the farthest end is the nudist half, even though nudism is prohibited on Patmos and is tolerated only on some beaches and small, isolated coves.

  • To visit this still unspoiled paradise, we cruise coast-to-coast for about 45 minutes, marveling at the astonishing tour of the island, as seen from the sea side.

  • After swimming, we eat at the seaside tavern under the trees, ordering the famous local goat with tomato sauce or just a simple omelet with fresh eggs from the nearby poultry.

  • 16.00 Sail back to Villa: We return to our premises early enough for a nice siesta, in order to recharge our batteries and have a great time at our special night celebration.

  • 21.00 Tour conclusion cocktail party at Villa Sophia:




Authentic Kobe Beef


Day 10 Sunday

  • Free Day with proposals Brunch at central seaside Arion cafe Meditation at Koumana sanctuary Swim at Kambos, Vagia, Liginou or Didymes beaches Lunch at Kima Restaurant or local ouzo eateries Ferry to Athens



  • 09.00 Breakfast at central Arion port seaside lounge: Today is the final day for our incredible experience of this Revelation Tour on Patmos. So, we wake up at our leisure and not even bother to prepare breakfast. Instead, we head off for one of the most traditional coffee bars and classic «hubs» of the island, the legendary Arion.


  • Its elegant neoclassical building is situated at the exact center of Patmos, combining delicious omelets, with a nearby international newsstand and a delightful kaleidoscope of mesmerizing island life.

  • If you allow yourself to simply «take it all in», you can enjoy one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences of your life.

  • 11.00 Visit to Koumana sanctuary: Following such as a yummy Arion breakfast or brunch, we can visit the nearby Koumana sanctuary in Skala with its nice garden and collection of pets, parrots etc. where we can unwind, sunbathe or meditate.


  • 12.00 Swim at Kampos, Vagia, Liginou and Didimes beaches: For our last swimming in Patmos, we can visit Kampos beach, probably the most popular beach on the island. It is mainly a sandy beach with small pebbles, with clean, shallow waters and plenty of tamarisk trees for natural shade. It is the best organized shore of Patmos with sun beds, umbrellas and various water sports facilities.

  • It is considered the place to be and be seen and is loved by families with young children for its shallow warm waters. We can hire sun loungers, pedal boats and canoes and get instructions in water ski, wakeboard, wake surf, wake skate and windsurf. If we like speed, a ride on tubes (coils) is sure to be enjoyable and fun. Across the beach, we will find nice snack bars and cafeterias with tasty pies, fabulous desserts and refreshing drinks.

  • Additionally, we can explore the more distant and secluded parts of the island, such as its northern peninsula, where a series of exquisite, adjacent beaches like Vagia, Liginou and Didimes offer delightful swimming, diving and strolling along their dreamy pathways.

  • Vagia is a pebble beach with tamarisks for shade and often quieter than most easily accessible beaches. It lies only 10 km, about 10-15 minute drive, from Villa Sophia and, just a few meters from the beach, there is a cafeteria where we can enjoy coffee and other beverages or taste delicious homemade pies and pastries, well known all over the island.

  • The twin beaches (Didimes in Greek) derive their name from lying side by side in two almost identical bays and are also known as Liginou beaches. They are two small marvelous coves, with crystal clear blue waters, isolated, exotic and not organized while a few trees provide natural shade.

  • On our way back to the villa, we can stop for late lunch or early dinner at the Kima restaurant by the seaside outside Skala near Koumana, situated right across Patmos Villa Sophia, enjoying the view of Chora and trying fresh fish, if we can spot it, or the more economical seafood (kalamari, shrimps etc). Alternatively, we can satisfy our taste buds by feasting on an authentic and succulent meal with traditional drink ouzo and tasty local titbits at the numerous Skala port or beach eateries.

  • Night: Late ferry departure from Patmos Skala port to Athens port (Piraeus) with all night sleep in private cabin.




  • We can rent a little boat and do some diving outside the Grikos Bay near the area known as “Navagio” where you can see the impressive wreckage of an Italian airplane from the 1943 air battle with the British at the nearby Leros island and an another older ship. Just make sure to negotiate the prices with the local boatmen or ask us to do it for you if you want.

  • Day sea trip to nearby Lipsi Island to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the sea. The experience is dedicated primarily to sun, sea and swimming in the beautiful coves around the islet. The first stop is to Makronisi, where we can dive from the boat and swim near two beautiful caves. We continue to Aspronisi, an island with an amazing beach of pure white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Tiganakia is next with turquoise waters, ideal for snorkeling. The boat is halted for an hour, so we can dive, swim in the clear blue waters, and take lots of pictures of the beautiful surrounding scenery.

  • If you like folk dancing and greek bouzouki fun, perhaps you might enjoy on Wednesday or Saturday dinner with live music and local dance shows at Aloni (telephone (+30) 2247031007.

  • If you want, you can get an idea what it is about at or even watch indicative youtube videos at:


Day 11 Monday

  • Fly from Athens to Home Airport


  • Andio" or "Goodbye!" The ferry arrives at Athens port Piraeus early in the morning (around 08.00), so guests with morning flights can be transferred directly to Athens airport.

  • For guests with afternoon flights, your morning is free and our tour guide will provide directions for you to explore Piraeus Mikrolimano or Athens for last-minute shopping or sightseeing. Based on your departure time, the tour guide will direct you to airport transfer by taxi, bus or subway.


  • Have a great flight back home! Thank you for everything!

Total cost per person: 
2250,00 €
Trip Date: 
Monday, September 17, 2018 to Thursday, September 27, 2018
Advance Payment: 
675,00 €

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